Service Packages






Set up and Go:

Set up and go: (one time, no monthly plan)


  • Initial Evaluation & Suggested Strategy
  • Set up of three profiles on your choice of three networks
  • HTML codes for website tags.
  • In Depth One on One Coaching (up to 3 hours)
  • One month phone access for Q&A

Maintenance plans: (unless specified, all plans require a 3 mo. minimum contract)

Basic – Business monthly plan

  • Initial & Monthly Evaluation & Suggested Strategy
  • Setup of up to 3 profiles on 3 networks of your choice.
  • HTML codes for web site tags.
  • Weekly on-on-one meeting to discuss reports and progress
    • Maintenance: daily monitoring of social media profiles to delete spam, clear out inboxes, accept/decline requests (per agreed upon instructions), and tidy up.
    • Updates: 1 daily status update across all of your social platforms

Premium – Business monthly plan
Includes (in addition to the Basic Plan):

  • Set up of (up to 3) additional landing and fan-interactive pages on facebook using FBML
  • Open up pages for customer feedback and interaction monitoring
  • Reputation management: search for and alert you to issues or potential problems.
  • Updates: Up to two daily status updates
  • Email marketing – 1 email per week (additional emails $25 ea.)

Platinum – Advanced plan
Includes (in addition to the Premium Plan):

  • Content assistance: research and possible development of content for your social networks. Keyword research, competitor research, trend research.
  • Status updates: up to 4 times a day status updates
  • Community building: Daily regular interaction with your customers to build a supportive and active community.
  • Forums moderation.
  • Other needs as agreed upon.

A la carte Services:

  • Photography: Up to 25 photos per week for your social sites ($75).
  • Special events ($50 per event for photographer and photos are $0.50 ea)

If you don’t see a plan that fits your needs, please send me a list of what you require for a price estimate


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