About Us

At Kalli’s Connections, we take social media very seriously. We also pride ourselves in providing one-on-one personal attention to every contact or client we establish  relations with.

As a result, we have developed the following social media guidelines. It describes our philosophy for doing business and outlines our pledge to the you to uphold a specific standard of decorum, ethics and quality of work in everything we do.

1. We will not lie: Our Company is small and we want to keep the personal one-on-one relationship we are able to establish with our clients. The world of Socail Media is ever-changing, if we don’t know the answer, we’ll ask for help. We, in no way, purport to be flawless social media gods…just very, very eager and hard-working people.

2. We will never treat a client as just a number: If we wanted to, we would open our services to those outside of the Central Texas area and conduct our business via email and video-conferences, but that is just not how we do business. We believe that each client deserves to see us on a regular basis and tell us exactly what they wish to see on their social media outlets. We believe that every contact we establish represents a relationship with another person – a person who is interested in exchanging information, content, questions and dialogue.

3. We will always give credit where credit is due: Information moves fast on the Web, and it’s easy for credit to get lost in the shuffle. If we learned something from another source, or think some source is amazing, we will make a commitment to making sure that the world knows it. However, on the flip side, if you steal credit for what Kalli’s Connections has done or said, we’re not going to waste too much time tracking you down to pass along our condemnations. That’s what karma is for (and we sincerely hope you will enjoy your next life as a dung beetle).

4. We will be driven by our passion: We’re in this business because we love it. If something piques our curiosity, we’re going to explore it. If something sets us off, we’re going to confront it. We work with companies and seek out connections through social media driven by this passion and interest, not by some pre-established corporate quota.

5. We will recognize (and be honest about) our limitations: No one at Kalli’s Connections is the one true authority on any of this stuff. The world and the web change too fast for any of us to make that claim. But, we also acknowledge that we spend more time thinking about this stuff than your average Joe and Jane. So, we pledge to play in the social media space as both a teacher and a student and are happy to trade these hats depending on the environment or the questions thrown at us.

6. We will remain focused on using social media as a business tool: We’ve got nothing against Mafia Wars or the hundreds of other social games floating around the Web, but our interest as a Company is not in using social media to play. We’re here to work (and yes, part of our work involves socializing…which is a big reason why we love our jobs so much). We don’t send game requests (or quizzes or chain anything’s) to our followers and friends, and we don’t accept those requests in return. Nothing personal, folks.

7. We will not automate our participation: We pride ourselves in giving our clients and contacts personal attention. This is a philosophy you’ll see reflected back in our social media behaviors. We don’t auto direct-message or auto-follow back Twitter followers. Our primary focus is on interacting with and helping people, so when you deal with our Company, you’ll deal exclusively with people, too.

8. We will attempt to be “On It”…at all times: We are not online all the time, but we also aren’t the type of company that unplugs on Friday afternoons and plugs back in on Monday mornings. Our Company tries to maintain an ambient awareness of our industry at all times. So you’ll see us logging in at odd hours, networking within diverse communities and aggregating information from all the media we consume (on and offline) into our thinking and approach. It may seem a little schizophrenic at times, but when you think about it, that’s kind of how the Web is too.

9. We will always be changing: We believe that our strength as a company is that we are friendly, fast and fearless. To stay competitive, we are committed to searching for answers to the latest questions, educating ourselves on the latest tools and technologies, and meeting the latest hot “thought leaders.” We believe that success is increasingly an iterative process, so we have a plan in place for everything we do, but we don’t treat these plans as precious vessels. Instead, they’re serving as guideposts for a series of unpredictable adventures we’re having with our clients and contacts.

10. We will never fall in love with our own hype: Quite frankly, we are mystified by the number of perfectly normal people we’ve seen become totally enamored by their own perceived “Internet celebrity-dom”. We think being appreciated is great. And we would love to see our Company become more competitive and get more credit for the work we do. However, the minute you hear any of us refer to being “famous,” you have our permission to hunt us down and smack some sense into us!

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