Facebook Confessions ~ Good or bad?

We’ve all done it… Logged in and confessed something on Facebook… From “I must admit that I would much rather sit at the computer all day long reading blogs, tweeting and pinning on pinterest than doing any housework. And most of the time I do just that. Then I come up with 80 katrillion excuses why things didn’t get done.” to “I am probably the only guy who when he sets his status to ‘thinking of someone’, starts to wonder when he sees that the girl he likes posted the same thing a few hours later”

You can spill your guts on Facebook on just about anything from inconsequential broadcasts like “I couldn’t get to a bathroom fast enough so I tinkled in my pants” to “My fat pants no longer fit” to ”My husband doesn’t know I slept with his sister.”

Facebook confessing is a simple, non-torturous process, so far removed from being an upfront and in-your-face experience. Practically gone are the days of sitting in front of some pious, voyeuristic person, who is claiming to wash away your burden of sin as he/she sits there trying hard not to cringe at your every sinful deed. No more dressing up in your Sunday best, no appointment times, there are zero requirements for Facebook confessions, it’s a 24-hour, 7-day a week techabsolution.

Mea culpas on a social networking site that is life unplugged is the first step toward healing. There are religious leaders who now view online confession as perfectly acceptible. Many believe that God can forgive an online confession just like any other, as long as it’s heartfelt. Oftentimes, confessing online allows someone to remove their masks and be truthful about their shortcomings. Facebook confessing for some is like communicating spiritually through journal writing.

Have you tried some of the Facebook online confession pages? Do you think they’re a well-intentioned bad idea or the brainchild of some genius? Do tell….


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