The new Facebook-Bing partnership | Inman News

The new Facebook-Bing partnership | Inman News.

The link above Briefly states:

What did Facebook and Bing announce?

By now, you have certainly seen the Facebook “Like” button across many websites. You and your friends have probably been clicking on it to say that you like a particular Web page, article, restaurant or product. What Bing and Facebook announced last week is that Bing will use Facebook “Like” data to enhance your search results with things that your friends on Facebook have liked.

This is probably easiest to see in an example. Say your friend Adam has “Liked” a particular steak restaurant in San Francisco. On your travels there, you type in “San Francisco steakhouse” looking for somewhere good to eat. Now with Facebook personalization, Bing can show you a list of steakhouses that your friends have said that they like.

How this changes the search game

Clearly Web search results are better when you get recommendations directly from your friends, and I would certainly be more likely to click on them. This appears to be the first step in changing how Web pages are ranked in search results, stepping away from the generic popularity contest that exists today and towards search results that are popular with people you actually know.

The future of this partnership also looks interesting, as they see an opportunity to surface people in search results who are experts on specific subjects.


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