Still Shopping Around?

Are you currently shopping around for a Social Media Manager?

Hint: The first place a CMO or VP of Marketing goes to sniff out a social media agency will be their Facebook page.

It just makes sense…they want to see if the “experts” actually practice what they preach.

At Kalli’s Connections, we not only practice what we preach, but we have also set up our social avenues as examples of what we can do for you!

After all, if a social media manager’s own Facebook page fails to excite and showcase smarts, how can they be trusted to handle someone else’s brand and budget? There are thousands of social media agencies, consultants, experts, and gurus lurking at every turn.

Pretty amazing how many people can sell your the tricks to thousands of fans even though they haven’t “made it rain” themselves? Chatter is cheap. Social proof is not.

Don’t risk dropping the ball when it comes to your own brand.  Step up and make apply some of our own smart thinking and get your social media presence up to speed before you step on stage.


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