Changes to Fan/Page Owner Interactions

Today when I went to one of my clients Facebook Fan page, I noticed that I was not able to interact on every comment made on the page. We here at Kalli’s Connections, are hoping that it is just a glitch and not permanent because this would affect how we communicate with your fans…

See before, when someone commented on a page, the admin could comment on each and every post making it very interactive, but it appears that now we cannot. We have heard speculation that this is because of user’s privacy settings…

If someone has their privacy setting set to allow comments by “just friends”, page admins will not be able to comment after the users posts. In order for page admins to be able to interact, the user would have to change their privacy settings to allow comments from “everyone” which would also affect their personal profile.

Personally I feel this could really hurt fan/page owner interaction which to me is the main purpose of a fan page…so we will just have to sit back and wait to see what they do. This is one issue that I will complain about if this change is made permanent…because we LOVE interacting with your fans, and do not want YOU to have to change your profile settings to do it…


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